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Tim and Mathematics

You can open this site on an arbitrary page and start reading there. It becomes immediately exciting, even if you know on beforehand how the story will end. In this regard it is exactly as in a Tim and Snowy book.

There are even still more similarities. In one album Tim can ride, in another he flies a helicopter, and you never see how he learned that. In this site you will often use techniques which you did not learn yet. And nevertheless everything goes well.

There is no strict logical order of the sections. The different topics stand however never in contradiction with one another, because that does not exist in mathematics. If a section becomes too difficult you may simply stop. The same topic is described again in an other place in another way.

Many persons, that appear in this book, like Leibniz, Newton and Pythagoras, have similarity with Tim. In the course of the years they did not get older. Even after hundreds of years their theories are still up to date.

Therefore, read it like Tim and Snowy album number 25, with the title TIM AND MATHEMATICS.


Additional information

The Belgian writer Hergé (1907 - 1983) was noted for his books on Tim and Snowy.


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