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Infinite does not exist

In mathematics, the concept of infinity is used to calculate. But does something exist in nature that is infinite?


The universe

The universe is probably 13.82 billion years old. That is a very large number. If you express the time that the Universe exists in seconds, you get an even larger number. But it is not infinite. Eventually the Universe will disappear again. Or will it last forever?

The number of atoms in the universe is not infinite. You can calculate the number of atomic particles. However you do that, there will be a large number. Just one gram of hydrogen gas already contains about 1024 protons, that is 3 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 quarks. But this number is not infinite.

The universe came into being out of nothing and was perhaps infinitely small at first. Now the universe expands faster and faster. The volume is limited and not infinite.

You can move all over the earth without reaching the end of the world. However, the surface is not infinitely large.


Calculations with infinite

In nature infinite does not occur. Mathematics does not describe reality, and does not explain nature or the super-natural. It is also no substitute for a religion.


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