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Polar coordinates

Each point in a plane can be described with polar coordinates, which are indicated by

(r, θ)



Where r is a positive real number that specifies the distance from the origin. The Greek letter θ (theta) is a real number that specifies the angle with the x-axis.

Polar coordinates are used in the polar notation

x = r · e φ


Example 1

You can convert the rectangular coordinates (xy) in the polar coordinates (r, θ)

(x = 1, y = √3)   −−>   (r = 2, θ = 60°)


Example 2

You can convert the polar coordinates (r, θ) in the rectangular coordinates (xy)

(r = 2, θ = 60°)   −−>   (x = 1, y = 1.732050808)


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