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The lowest temperature is 0 °K, the highest temperature is ≈ 1,4 · 1032 °K.



The temperature can drop below 0 degrees. We're talking about 0 °C, from Celcius. It can be much colder, and the lowest temperature is −273.15 °C. That is called 0 °K, from Kelvin. Lower is not possible. It is said that at that temperature the atoms no longer move. Even time thwn stands still and has no meaning anymore.

According to the laws of thermodynamics you cannot reach 0 °K by cooling further and further. Yet physicists have approached it by only thousandths.

There is apparently a highest temperature. Several million degrees are not uncommon. On the sun it is pretty hot, but it could be worse. Nevertheless ∞ °K has no meaning.

Negative values for degrees Kelvin do not exist.


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