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Time does not exist

The passage of time arises from the relations between quantum events that generate their own time.



Without quantum events taking place, time has no meaning.


Example 1

A light particle does not decay and is therefore perfectly stable. According to the special theory of relativity, the local time of a light particle is stationary, so a light particle does not get time to disintegrate even if it had a finite lifetime.


Example 2

The Swiss mathematician Ernst Stückelberg showed as early as 1941 that antiparticles have an opposite charge, and run backwards in time. This is evident in Feynman diagrams, which show the interaction of particles.


Example 3

Even without doing any math, we can see that the result of the infinite sequence

cannot be greater than 1. In fact, the result is exactly 1, and not something mystical like "If you continue forever it approaches 1". In the calculation, the factor of time does not appear at all.


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